All You Need to Know About Dedicated Hosting Servers

Discover all the information you need to know about dedicated hosting servers!

What Are Dedicated Hosting Servers?

Dedicated hosting servers are storage units that help in holding and operating data. More specifically, they are computer servers that are positioned somewhere away from your work environment and they are responsible for bringing websites or application live on the Internet.

It is important to understand how dedicated hosting servers work as the cyber technology has become a major part of today’s life. As you can probably see for yourself, these have been a huge increase in the number of websites on the internet.

Dedicated hosting servers are popular because they offer more RAM and disk space as well as faster processing than the shared hosting servers. The dedicated server allows you to individualize and customize settings for certain needs and requirements. These servers also improve all types of web-based works with maximum performance and faster delivery.

Why Using Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting servers have a variety of benefits over shared hosting. If you are planning on developing an e-commerce site, you would definitely need to choose dedicated servers because of the high level of control this hosting provides.

Let’s see the reasons why you should use dedicated hosting servers:

  • Control – You’ll have control over the software applications and the operating system
  • Reliability – You’ll experience better performance and quicker server response
  • Security – When using dedicated hosting servers an extremely high security is provided
  • Resources – The dedicated hosting is perfect for resource-intensive sites and high traffic because of the greater bandwidth available

What Should You Look For in a Dedicated Hosting Server?

These are the features of a high-quality dedicated hosting server:

  • RAM – It is extremely important the dedicated server to have enough RAM. As a matter of fact, it should have at least 2GB RAM as the number of visitors on your website will be hugely affected by the amount of RAM you have.
  • Processor – The dedicated server should have the best processor on the market in order to meet your website’s needs. AMD Opterons and Intel Xeons are currently two of the best processors on the market.
  • Disk Space – You need to ensure you have enough disk space (250GB at least) in order your website to load properly.
  • Bandwidth – Look from 1000 to 2000GB bandwidth (according to your needs). Factors to Keep in Mind

We hope that this article was helpful and you’ve managed to get all information you need related to dedicated hosting servers!

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